Crossing the Conscious and Subconscious Divide

July 20, 2007



In order to understand the relationship between the conscious and subconscious mind, we can look towards this next analogy.

Consider, if you will, your normal attentive consciousness as a light, say a flashlight. As you direct your attention towards things, they enter into your conscious awareness. By contrast, your subconscious can be compared to a room without adequate light. The subconscious is only hidden until you illuminate it with the light of your -so called- conscious flashlight.

Corny? Perhaps. Let's look at this animated diagram below to further illustrate this point.


As you increase the aperture of your conscious awareness, you can begin to utilize thoughts and states of mind that exist in the more subconscious layers. The benefit is that you can gain access to thoughts that exist in the background of your thinking. This can reveal the sources for your current state of mind, and how provide clues on how to literally form the state of mind of your choosing.

BrainEv accomplishes this by applying entrainment frequencies to induce a combination of brain states that accompany both attentive consciousness and deeper levels of thinking.

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