Disc I - The Goal - Learning How to Relax Deeply

July 12, 2007

Disc one is primarily designed to facilitate relaxation. We all know how beneficial a little relaxation can be. Relaxation rejuvenates us. It helps us to cope, to concentrate or simply let go, as thoughts quiet themselves and drift. By contrast, what happens when you miss out on relaxation for a long period of time? You get tense, you loose focus, and your thoughts weigh heavily upon you.

The first disc in the Brain Evolution System series, Transcendence, makes the power of relaxation its main objective. Relaxation not only rests and rejuvenates you, it is also the fundamental element that allows you to slow down and focus your mental energies into clear solutions. Relaxation is the primary key to streamlining thought and channeling it into something useful. It makes sense to begin the series by training the mind to get into deep states of relaxation quickly and efficiently, right from the start.

Why do we do this? Because each progressive level in BrainEv can challenge your ability to relax and stay focused, just as regular life does. One key goal of the BrainEv is to increase your threshold for being overwhelmed. As you learn to relax, in otherwise stressful situations, your brain will work better and clearer, without being weighed down by the brain's fight or flight stress response...

As I've said before, the Brain Evolution System is like a personal fitness practice - for you and your brain. You'll need to train in the fundamentals of self control to get the best out of the complete series... So we start simple, with the ability to relax, to let go, if you will.

Even if you have experience in meditation, there is still benefit in using this disc. Often experienced meditators find that their meditative experiences are improved or renewed, by using both discs one, and disc two.

Now let's get down to the nitty gritty and explain the brainwave entrainment map for Disc One. This graphic (above) depicts the brainwave entrainment frequencies that have been targeted for this disc. Look to the 3P DEAP section for specifics on what these maps represent.

Let's clear away the Major and Minor tiers and look directly at the Prime tier. This Tier is where a majority of the Brainwave entrainment encoding is featured. Typically the Prime tier is complemented by the other 2 tiers, which I'll explain shortly.

As you see. Disc One's Prime Tier begins by descending from the high beta range. This has been done to match average brainwave rates (possibly even stressful ones) and lower you into a meditative zone within 10 to 15 minutes. Notice the rapid decent to the Alpha and Theta Zones. These brainwave frequencies are conducive to deep relaxation, and a sort of detached awareness. This detached awareness can allow one to become an observer of the subtle workings of our minds, by placing your attention inward.

The idea behind this is to teach you to pay attention to your mind's activity, without falling prey to emotional responses, or even some automatic-pilot, conditioned response. It's no doubt that we do things and we don't quite understand the reasons for. This is a step that can help you to move beyond that...

Towards the end of Disc one, brainwave entrainment rates increase again, in order to return you to a calm, refreshed state of mind.

Now let's look at the Major Tier. This tier has a little less emphasis in the brainwave entrainment encoding, yet that does not diminish its importance. For the most part, the entrainment frequencies found in this tier are set a slight step below the frequencies found in the Prime tier. This has been done to help attract your brainwave rates to deeper, calmer frequencies that you might be resistant to, as you begin this program.

Our brains can get distracted, or fill with clutter, with ease. For this reason, it's important to use a concentrated band of similar frequencies, so that the brain can grab on and follow the entrainment program.

Notice in the end how these two tiers overlap to help raise brainwave rates back to a calm awareness. As always, everything works, as part of a whole, in the Brain Evolution System's unique design...

Last, let's look to the Minor tier. As you can see, this tier is a little different. Per the intended entrainment design, the brain does not give as much attention to this tier, as it does the first two. Still, this final tier has applied just enough brainwave entrainment attraction to help the brain slow down, as well as relax the body.

As the other tiers descend, this minor entrainment tier rises from the deep delta range. At rates that are commonly associated with the twilight, dreamy threshold of sleep. This has been applied as a little sample of where the system is leading to - deeper, calmer, more focused and aware states of mind. Later on in the system, frequencies found in this minor tier will be used in the forefront Primary entrainment tier. For now, this final tier serves as an intro into more advanced states, a taste if you will, or rather, a preparation for things to come...

A few notes on what to expect. Each of you will experience the BrainEv in different ways, as each of us has a unique brain, and life conditions that make results differ from person to person. A small percentage of new users experience physical sensations ranging from tingling to mild headaches. Often these sensations are either a byproduct of your stress release, or simply a matter of you getting used to this technology. Do not be alarmed as this is a natural part of the process.

Some find that the first 2 weeks of use makes them fall fast asleep. If you find this is the case, you may want to listen at the end of your day, so that you can reap the reward of a good night's sleep.

There is no harm in sleeping when using these discs. This effect dissipates as the brain learns that you can be hyper relaxed, and remain conscious!

Other's find the disc incredibly invigorating, and choose to listen at the beginning of the day, so that they can start of with a boost of well being. No matter when you choose to listen, make sure that it's a time free of distraction so that the disc can do its work.

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